Building up your troops is the most costly prosess you have in the game. The reason is that during our learning period we will run into a few defeats while playing this game.

To understand the basics of your troops and the Base military capabilities read this first.

Army and Base Warfare structure

If the troop mix and the overall power is very unbalanced between you and you opponent, then it’s often the case that your base gets wiped.. meaning that all your troops are lost.

In order to try keep the losses at a minimum. There are a few basic techniques you can use.

Since there are at least two, Rock Paper Scissors (RPS) principles in the game that we need to handle, we will start by explaining these first. The first strategy is to build a certain amount of troop types that can hold stand no matter the attack.

Troop Rule 1

Tactical takes Infantry – Armored takes Tactical- Infantry takes Armored at the same lvl.

Troop Rule 2

Advanced troops takes Normal troops – Mercenaries takes Advanced troops – Normal troops takes Mercenaries.

Defense setup

Knowing the above, we should be certain that whatever type of troop the opponent attacks us with, we should have the opposite troop type in our defense.

So if you take a rough calculation of how many you can afford to build in each Tier, you should at least build 3 Tiers with all troop types as a minimum of defense like this table shown under.


If you see a bit closely, you will notice that the strongest resistance is at top-level minus 1. This is a very good first setup of your forces, since the lower tier can work like human traps killing of many in the attacking force, and in the end the purpose is to protect your more expensive troopers. The “meatwall” stopping them from being hit is the large volume of troops in the Tier under, in this example Tier 2.

T7 and Omega forces

For more powerful players with T7 and Omega forces there are some differences from this in context of strategy. The reason is that the win/loss in Mobil Strike is a win /loss of power and not number of soldiers. That means that a large player can not have Trillions of troops in Tier 1 and 2, because when a T7 force hit that defense army, it hit so hard that the power calculation will be disturbed, and the defending force of several trillion soldiers will be beaten by just 300 million T7 troops due to the power ratio between them.

This is what makes Mobile Strike and excellent strategy game for those who like to really understand how battles can be won with an intricate mix of troops and power calculations.