Troop composition with T8

We have earlier discussed troop composition with T5, T6 and T7.

Read step 1 in Troop composition 

Now we will add in T8 to the mix and at the same time look at the attack deployment composition.

Power Calculations

We have earlier calculated that Normal Troop types are the Type that has the least disadvantages compared to the other Troop Types.

When it comes to attack is thus a bit different, mostly due to the opposite calculation of the probabilities in an attack situation, so in a deployment setup vs a Base defense setup, we would slightly prefer Mercenary Troop Type.

The tables below shows a good example of a basic Deployment Setup consisting of T8 to T6.

If we again look at the ratios of power of Troop times power of Tier, we see that each Tier gives each Entity about an 25% increase weighted for power. Meaning that you need 50 T8 to get the same power balance as 100 T6.

Tactical Rapid Deployment

The second part of the presets below is the tactical advantage you have of mixing and matching troops when you deploy rapidly during a battle. In between these presets it is recommended to alternate a max queue Ghost Deployment. Ghost Deployment is a Deployment without the commander.

If you choose max queue you will automatically get the commander included. This is something you need to avoid, because it alter the defense ratio of the Base.

Below is a 3 preset setup for T8,T7,T6 Deployment. This is constructed with cost of training as an input variable in addition to the power ratio alone.

Preset 1 – Infantry


Preset 2 – Tactical


Preset 3 – Armored Vehicle




Troop setup example T5 T6 T7

When you start to battle against larger bases from level 30 and upwards, it starts to be a bit more complicated to figure out how to penetrate their defenses.

This article will give an simple example on the distribution of troop types in one preset when attacking.

Please note that the preset is often a game changer if you set it up correctly. Mixing and matching troop types on the fly is not possible during a high level fight.

The tables below show a wave setup of Infantry for Preset 1. The first picture is small but show you that this setup has just started with filling in Infantry.


All preset is based on percentage, so you need to calculate your max deployment troop size times 30-50, because that usually the number of hits you will do on a fight.

In the example above the max size is 100M troops pr deployment, thus using 3M T7 infantry Mercs pr hit. Leading to 60M at least in order for you to not run out of troops during battle.

The picture below shows a bit more clearly how to calculation is done



You need to do this for both Tactical and Armored Vehicle as well. If you understand the easy thinking behind this attack-structure we will next time discuss more advanced structure, power balancing of Tiers and maybe look into boost.