Train new soldiers or promote them?

It’s a building called Troop Academy. This building let you promote soldiers to a higher Tier.


The process works by first choosing the soldier type you want to promote, then you choose the soldier type you want the soldier to be promoted to.

The question is – is it cheaper to promote a soldier or is it better to dismiss him and train a new one?

The answer is very clear. It’s cheaper to dismiss a soldier of a lower Tier and train a new soldier of a higher Tier rather than promote him.


The table shows a Tier 5 promoted to T6 Immortal vs. training a new Immortal



As we can see the cost of training a new soldier is almost 50% cheaper.

So the advice is – Dismiss soldiers and train new ones.


Mobile Strike tips – State Boosts

From time to time you will find a screen right between the White Dow/Shield mini screen and the Challenges mini screen.

This mini screen shows different small icons representing Reseach, Construction, Farming etc.  The picture below show an example of how it can look.

State Boosts mini screen
State Boosts mini screen

This is what is called State Boosts, and it’s a time limited boosts given to all bases in the State for a short time. Usually a few hours to a day/days. The state boosts can be very helpful for the biggest focus areas like research, construction and troop training.

The boosts are usually very strong and gives a large improvement for speeding up time for these tasks. It can also give free use of resources or items used for research or construction.

An example of how the State Boosts overview looks like is shown below.

State Boosts overview
State Boosts overview

Divine Jungle Gear – Enhanced

Mobile Strike is launching a lot of new gears right before the launch of the SvS event.

The new Divine Jungle Gear has some really good stats, and it’s a must for training the new T8 Infinity troops.

Below are a few pictures of the gear with full stats and also a practical example of training 10M Warden T7 with and without the gear.


In order to enhance the new gear, you will need the parts shown below.


Gear stats

The stats are far better than the old Jungle and also the Beret. Here are most of them:



In order to maximize the gear you need also to add some mods. The best level 6 mods that fits with this gear are these ones:





In order to give some perspective of what all this means, we made a comparison with and without the gear while we were training 10M Warden Tier 7:

As we see from the pictures above, the gear gives more than 50% (57%) reduction on the training speed.

Troop queue

For use in some lower level Tier troops, the gear gives also an extreme boost in training queue numbers, seen in the picture below.