Divine Swift Invasion Gear

In the last weeks we have seen a number of new gear coming out. It started after a rather stable periods with the Juggernaut gear, which was an all rounder.

Divine Swift Invasion GearThen we got gear for attack strategy like the Warlord and Dreadnought gear, to the very defensive Judgement gear.

At the same time Mobile Strike have launched two new Divine gear, one for a Training ( Divine Drill Sergeant), and the Divine Construction gear. Both of these gears came in context of the new building levels, and the new Infinity Troops T9.

Now they are launching the Divine Swift Invasion Gear. This last gear set has clearly CP fighting focus, with a 56.000% on deployment speed around the CP.

As most know fighting at CP is like fighting in slow motion. So a 50K increase in speed will be interesting to test out.

This might me the last gear they launch before the SVS starts.


What is a SvS event?

The State vs State event is a periodical event that let the different States in Mobile Strike fight each other.

All players are notified 24 hours before the event start. It will show in the challenges window on your right side.

Battle Tested vs Protected State

A protected state is a young state, usually somewhere between 3-6 months old. It is first after a SvS event that a state becomes Battle Tested.

The event is split into a few different parts:

Central Control Point

The fight for the Central Control Point (CP) in Mobile Strike, also known as Central.

During this phase, all Bases and Alliances teleports to the Central CP and fight for control. The cost of teleporting was this time 250.000 gold.

The purge

During this period everyone that wants, can travel to the opposite State and fight other Bases and Rebel Targets. Points are given for all kills, and the purpose is to kill and defeat as many bases and targets as possible.

The ones that choose not to fight are recommended to have their shield up, in order to make as few targets as possible for the other state invading.

Attack and defence of the local CP

In this phase, the strongest bases in the state usually unites in the same alliance(s) and one part stays to protect the state’s own local CP, the other part of the players try to take control of the opposite state’s CP.

Outcome of the event

After the event there are winners and losers. The winners stay, but the looser can be teleported out of the state.

For the winning state there are great gifts for all, so it’s in everyone’s interest to take part in the event.