Divine Drill Sergeant gear

In context of the new Divine Troops T9, Mobile Strike launches simultaneously the Divine Drill Sergeant gear. The gear gives 3800% on Troop speed up time.


The comparison to the Divine Jungle gear is not that big. The total un-enhanced Divine Jungle Gear gives 3500% Troop reduction on speed up, meaning an increase of 300% on the new Drill Sergeant gear.

  • Divine Drill Sergeant gear:  3800% reduction
  • Divine Jungle gear : 3500% reduction
  • Fully enhanced and modded Jungle gear : 13100%

The aspect that is not tested yet is how the new gear performs fully enhanced and modded.

A fully modded and enhanced level 35, Full Divine Jungle gear reduce training speed with 13100% reduction on troop training time and 9300% on traps.

This means that a fully enhanced Divine Jungle Gear is still more effective than a default Divine Drill Sergeant gear.


Adapting speed ups to fit the research tree

The different research trees require a wide span of speed ups. The research time varies from a few minutes to many days.

In order to waste as little speed ups as possible, you can prepare your speed ups to fit the expected timeframes in the research tree.

The Speedup Factory is usually used for investing time to build bigger speed ups, but at the top of the factory screen, there are something called Break up.  The button is shown in the picture below.


This button gives you the possibility to first choose what type of speed up you need, then choose the speed up you will break up. See below for the steps.

Step 1


Step 2



Fast free play to level 22 in Mobile Strike

Mobile Strike is a game that can be played on different levels. The game has a clear strategy that involves “in app purchases”, but it’s possible to get pretty far as a free player.

This article will describe how you can get to level 22 without paying anything in a relatively fast way. At level 22 you have the ability to defend yourself and your alliance quite good. There are also great power in numbers, so a large alliance of level 22 players, can take the State CP if they do it correctly. Even fight level 30-40 bases with the right strategy and numbers.

The fastest way to get to level 22:

Gift level

Find the alliance with the highest gift level. You can see gift level on each alliance when you choose one in the beginning of the game. You can also change alliance later, many players to that.

Understand speed ups

Understand how to use the login/ log out time smart in order to optimize something called Speed Up’s (su’s).

Speedups are items that speed up the waiting time on research, construction and troop training. They come in different times ranging from 1min to many hours  of speeding up time.

The way you should think is that, right before you log off. You start Reseach, Construction and Training of more or less the same length. This way you can log in after let’s say 2 hours, and start new tasks for all three work areas. The alternative is that one of the queues stands idle for a long period because you know your waiting for that one long period. We all think that way.

The way you use su’s is at you need to cut it close, in order to use as less time as possible to gain level, so sometimes these times do not add up. Then you use su’s on the longest one, in order to start new tasks for all the three main areas ( research, construction, training).

Tile farming before log out

Remember to send infantry T1 troops tile farming before you log off each time. You will always have a continuous need for resources (rss). The rss are used in research, construction and troop training.

Infantry T1 troops are great to use for tile farming.

Help from Rank 4

Help other alliance members and be active on the alliance chat, because Alliance people in Rank4, Alliance leaders and lvl30 + players do not longer need gold, and they have access to the gift store. Most of them give you some su’s, if you ask in the alliance chat given that you are active and they see you help other players.

Master Hammer’s

To get all the way to level 22 you need Master hammers, Golden cuffs and Tactical Manuals. All these items are possible to get from the gift store. Again, be helpful to others and large players will help you out for free.

VIP level and Commander XP

If you become an asset for the alliance, you can be given both VIP points and commander Xp points from large players. This is something that cost gold, so you need to earn it, but again help others and someone will eventually notice your good work and you will be rewarded for it.