Mobile Strike tips – Grid Search

It is very useful to understand what exists in your state. Either it be the CP or important rss sources.

Most players do grid search in order to find opportunities of different sorts, but it’s a good idea to do it a bit systematically in order to be effective.

In the picture below you see that we start in one corner of the map.


This is simply done by opening the map, and scroll until you find a fence, either to one side or up/ down.

Then you scroll 90 degrees on the first scroll until you find a fence corner like the picture above.

The next you should note is the X and Y coordinates at the mid bottom of your map screen. In the picture above it says x:509 y:1021.

One way to start searching is up and down. In the pictures below we have moved 6 points to the left, you can see the same black vertical line on both pictures as a reference. Meaning it’s a bit of an overlap, but this is only done to explain. The screen should be moved 10 points at the time.

This means that you scroll up following the fence until you see the fence on top of the screen.

Then you move 10 points to one side, that way you are covering the whole map, and not missing any spot or opportunities.

If you want to understand how the map works, you can read this article here.




What is a SvS event?

The State vs State event is a periodical event that let the different States in Mobile Strike fight each other.

All players are notified 24 hours before the event start. It will show in the challenges window on your right side.

Battle Tested vs Protected State

A protected state is a young state, usually somewhere between 3-6 months old. It is first after a SvS event that a state becomes Battle Tested.

The event is split into a few different parts:

Central Control Point

The fight for the Central Control Point (CP) in Mobile Strike, also known as Central.

During this phase, all Bases and Alliances teleports to the Central CP and fight for control. The cost of teleporting was this time 250.000 gold.

The purge

During this period everyone that wants, can travel to the opposite State and fight other Bases and Rebel Targets. Points are given for all kills, and the purpose is to kill and defeat as many bases and targets as possible.

The ones that choose not to fight are recommended to have their shield up, in order to make as few targets as possible for the other state invading.

Attack and defence of the local CP

In this phase, the strongest bases in the state usually unites in the same alliance(s) and one part stays to protect the state’s own local CP, the other part of the players try to take control of the opposite state’s CP.

Outcome of the event

After the event there are winners and losers. The winners stay, but the looser can be teleported out of the state.

For the winning state there are great gifts for all, so it’s in everyone’s interest to take part in the event.