Production Change of Base rss

The buildings in Base that are producing resources (rss) are as follows

– The Bank
– The Oil Well
– The Quarry
– The Farm
– The Iron Mine

These buildings are one of the first buildings you are building when you start the game. In the beginning the buildings are producing only one item which is used to support the three main tasks in the game which are Research , Construction and Troop Training.

When you start to upgrade the buildings you will get the possibility to change the output of the different buildings. These new resources are used to support both research and construction later in the game.

To change the production outcome you need to use Production Change Item. This is a limited Item that you get during the play of the game. Even though it’s a limited item, you will usually have enough of it do to the needed change to the buildings.

Production Change
Production Change

The Bank

In the banks you can choose to produce either coins or bonds. Bonds are not use early in the game, but are needed in more advanced research like Ultimate Combat research tree.

The Oil Well

The Oil wells are producing oil in the beginning, but you can later chose to let it produce either Oil, Barrels or Kerosene.

The Quarry

In the stone quarries you will in the beginning only produce stone. Stone is used in Troop Training. After upgrading the Quarry, the building can in addition produce Glass and Marble.

The Farm

Food production is the most used rss in the game, and it’s the resource building you should have focus on from the beginning. You will constantly throughout the game struggle to keep up the demand for this resource.

After upgrading the building you can let it produce Wooden Crates which are used in research or Wheat.



Mobile Strike tips – Advanced Troop composition

Comparing Troop types for weakness and strength is one of the first rules we discussed.

First read the linked documents below, in order to understand Base structure, Commander and Gear, Troop Enhancement etc.

Most importantly you need to understand the Troop structure.

For a reminder of the Basic setup read this first.

For the structure and different defenses and attacks read this

In this article we will look further into a more advanced setup of troops, analyzing power ratios, training cost and troop type weaknesses and strengths.

Power Ratio

The Power Ratio is telling us how much stronger one Tier is compared to another.


The Power of a trooptype is connected to its Tier, but the power is not linear between the different Tiers.
As you can see from the pictures above.

Aspect to consider when building a troop composition:
– Viewing different Tiers based on cost (rss)
– Viewing different Tiers based on time to train , Speed Ups
– Viewing different Tiers based on change in power
– Viewing different Troops based on their weakness and strength towards other troop types in context of the expected forces defending on the Base/ CP your going to attack/ rally against.

Statistical proofs

1. The average power across all Tiers right now is 38. That means that T 5 and above is higher than average. Since the scale between each Tier is not linear, the largest delta/ change in power exist between T5 and T6 for Tiers above average. Isolated it concludes that T6 is the best Tier, power wise.
2. Cost of training troops are becoming a bit difficult to calculate since T7 and T8 uses other rss/ resources than the other Tiers, but if we can see this as training days instead, we can conclude that the best Tier to build vs cost and time is T5. Picture below show the rss need for the different Tiers. Please note that this is with Divine Jungle Fully Enhanced and modded.

3. The best troop type we can have is Normal Troops. The reason for this is that these troops have less weaknesses than both Advanced or Mercenary troop types.

Pictues below for proof after analysis:

Based on the three conclusions above we should focus our troop on Normal Troop and spread with big volumes on T5 and T6, then just build as much we can for T7 and T8.

It’s a good start when beginning higher Tier fighting to spread evenly over all types of troop meaning:
– T5 30% Infantry,Tactical,Armored Vehicle,Artillery
– T6 40% Infantry,Tactical,Armored Vehicle,Artillery
– T7 20% Infantry,Tactical,Armored Vehicle,Artillery
– T8 10% Infantry,Tactical,Armored Vehicle,Artillery
30%Advanced Troops
– T5 30% Infantry,Tactical,Armored Vehicle,Artillery
– T6 40% Infantry,Tactical,Armored Vehicle,Artillery
– T7 20% Infantry,Tactical,Armored Vehicle,Artillery
– T8 10% Infantry,Tactical,Armored Vehicle,Artillery
30%Mercenary Troops
– T5 30% Infantry,Tactical,Armored Vehicle,Artillery
– T6 40% Infantry,Tactical,Armored Vehicle,Artillery
– T7 20% Infantry,Tactical,Armored Vehicle,Artillery
– T8 10% Infantry,Tactical,Armored Vehicle,Artillery

This means total 100% of the Troop spread across Normal, Advanced and Mercenary, then divided further based on each Tier and Troop Type.

This setup is documented statistically, and is considered a proper ground setup. However this is only still abit rudimentary, since we need to consider Attack vs Defense, Boost, Bonuses CP /Base attack, deployment size/ rally size, bulletts, Insignias, Chemical warfare etc.. this will be discussed in another article to combine what we know so far and to put it all in to one Solution.

New Building Intelligence Chip

Building development intelligence Chip’s are one of several some newly added items that you need to finalize the Building Development research tree.

Building Intelligence Chip
Building Intelligence Chip

The added branches on the Reseach tree is very rss intensive as you can see on the picture below.

Most of the resources are in the KT / TT area, making it very expensive to research.


The added Attack Bonus on the buildings seems to be in addition to the Building Boost already present in building.  It’s still a bit of uncertainty of it being stacked or not if you choose the attack boost in the Building Boost randomizer.

Mobile Strike tips -Warehouse

The warehouse is something most players do not pay much attention to. The purpose is to protect your rss from attack. See picture below of a warehouse level 40

Mobile Strike Warehouse
Mobile Strike Warehouse

If you have attacked another base and won. You have probably seen that you get some rss like food, oil , coins etc.

Your warehouse has limitations based on the level of the building. Meaning that if you try to keep as little as possible outside the volume of your warehouse size you stand to lose very little if you lose a fight. The difference between the warehouse size and the volumes of rss shown in the black rss line under your VIP, and power level is what you stand to loose. At level 40 it’s look like this.

Warehouse capacity
Warehouse capacity

So a tip is to balance the rss to what you have planned of tasks. Then you have your warehouse as a surplus or extra storage in case you need more for some unseen task.

All this being said. It’s very difficult to make this balance, so the second best is to just have an eye on your rss and the warehouse capacity, and perhaps keeping your shield up if you have a lot of rss outside of the storage capacity of the warehouse.

Materials at rss tiles

Materials you can expect to gather from rss tiling:
Farm tiles: Wood – Rope – Leather
Stone tiles: Lead – Glass – Gunpowder
Oil tiles: Rubber – Schematics – Polyester- Aluminum
Metal tiles: Steel – Carbon Fiber – Titanium
Coin Tiles: Aluminum – Steel – Titanium – Schematics – Rope – Leather – Gun Powder

It’s quite easy to see that the most materials exists several places. There are some exceptions like Carbon Fiber and Glass, and the best tile-type to hunt for materials is Coin tiles.

These tiles are close to water, so as a small conclusion, search for water close by your base if you need materials.

Rss tile farming

In order to build buildings, do research or train troops you need resources (rss). The most common rss are food, oil, stone and metal.

When your alliance choose a place to settle, it is important that the area it chooses has good access to the right level of rss for the majority of the hive.

Tile farming can be done with the shield active, and most players send their troops farming right before they log off.

In this article we will focus on what type of troops you should send in order to utilize the time and load for each of the different type of troops.

Food = All troop types
Oil = Infantry/ Tactical
Stone = Tactical/Armored
Iron = Infantry/Armored
Coin = Armored/ Artillery

For lower level players it is recommended to use T1 troops due to the best deployment speed.

You should also understand that there is an aspect called load, that we have not considered in this small table.