Divine Conqueror level 30

Divine Conqueror mods lvl 30Mobile Strike has recently launched a new version on the Divine Conqueror mod. The stats from level 24 to the new level 24 have continued to build on the new attributes like Corrosive, Overpower and Indestructible.

In addition they are also covering Nuclear Attack which is a totally new variable in the Divine Conqueror mods.

The interesting is the overall coverage of defense and health variables for rallying and when fighting around the CP.


Divine Drill Sergeant gear

In context of the new Divine Troops T9, Mobile Strike launches simultaneously the Divine Drill Sergeant gear. The gear gives 3800% on Troop speed up time.


The comparison to the Divine Jungle gear is not that big. The total un-enhanced Divine Jungle Gear gives 3500% Troop reduction on speed up, meaning an increase of 300% on the new Drill Sergeant gear.

  • Divine Drill Sergeant gear:  3800% reduction
  • Divine Jungle gear : 3500% reduction
  • Fully enhanced and modded Jungle gear : 13100%

The aspect that is not tested yet is how the new gear performs fully enhanced and modded.

A fully modded and enhanced level 35, Full Divine Jungle gear reduce training speed with 13100% reduction on troop training time and 9300% on traps.

This means that a fully enhanced Divine Jungle Gear is still more effective than a default Divine Drill Sergeant gear.

New Building Intelligence Chip

Building development intelligence Chip’s are one of several some newly added items that you need to finalize the Building Development research tree.

Building Intelligence Chip
Building Intelligence Chip

The added branches on the Reseach tree is very rss intensive as you can see on the picture below.

Most of the resources are in the KT / TT area, making it very expensive to research.


The added Attack Bonus on the buildings seems to be in addition to the Building Boost already present in building.  It’s still a bit of uncertainty of it being stacked or not if you choose the attack boost in the Building Boost randomizer.

New building boost released

During the last two days, Mobile Strike has given us both new Research Mods like the Omni one that increases you research point. Then not longer after they launched the new battle mods. Read more about that in the link below.

New battle mods

Today the lanched the new building modifiers to increase boost for buildings up to level 40.

Bonus a Rescue

Since the modifiers are based on a random generator , you can use the Bonus Rescue button to go back to the one you had.

Building mods lvl 40
Building mods lvl 40

Whats new:

– The option each time you spun the old XP generator , it switched between Attack, Defense and Shielding.

These new modifiers are also giving you the option to let the building boost include the following:

50T % Army Attack

5T  % Overpowered Attack

100M %  Triple Defense

50M % Indestructible Defense

150M % CP/ Rally or Trap Health



Divine Jungle Gear – Enhanced

Mobile Strike is launching a lot of new gears right before the launch of the SvS event.

The new Divine Jungle Gear has some really good stats, and it’s a must for training the new T8 Infinity troops.

Below are a few pictures of the gear with full stats and also a practical example of training 10M Warden T7 with and without the gear.


In order to enhance the new gear, you will need the parts shown below.


Gear stats

The stats are far better than the old Jungle and also the Beret. Here are most of them:



In order to maximize the gear you need also to add some mods. The best level 6 mods that fits with this gear are these ones:





In order to give some perspective of what all this means, we made a comparison with and without the gear while we were training 10M Warden Tier 7:

As we see from the pictures above, the gear gives more than 50% (57%) reduction on the training speed.

Troop queue

For use in some lower level Tier troops, the gear gives also an extreme boost in training queue numbers, seen in the picture below.


Mobile strike Full Divine Warlord

This week MS launched the full Divine Warlord gear. The gear seems to be far better than the previous Juggernaut gear.

The gear uses both Juggernaut batteries as well as Warlord batteries for enhancements. Since MS still have not launched presets on Gear enhancement’s you will need to strip your old gear for batteries before starting to enhance this new one.

The best augments seems so far to still be Juggernaut augments or Divine Vanquish lvl6.

When it comes to the battle mods, it was not reacting to level 20 mods. With reacting it means that the green locking frame around the mods, showing a full and correct set did not show.

This is how it should look like when the mods are correct


MS have introduced level 22 mods this week as well, so it might be those that are ment to go into the Divine Warlord gear.


Gear guide July 2017

As most of you know it’s a lot that is going on with the gears. I will explain briefly about a few important gears. They come in different versions and they are not all accessible before you reach certain levels.

This is just ment as a simple intruduction to the gear, later we will explain and show the benefits of enhanced gear, mods and augments

There are four main gear set every player should have as a minimum:

The first gears gives some reduction or increase for the three most important aspects of the game except battle.

1. Construction gear to keep cost and time down

2. Research gear to keep cost and time down

3. Training gear to keep cost and time down, but also to increase number of soldiers to train at the same time.

Under are three examples that has been enhanced:

1. Divine constructor gear, help reducing construction time


2.This is Innovator gear that helps minimize research time.


3.The jungle gear that helps with training, and increases the troops volume.


4. The last is battle. Under is a full Warlord Supreme. It’s not the most powerful Warloard gear version, but at the moment a full Divine set has not been made available. It beats all the Divine versions of Juggernaut even World class with mods lvl20 and Divine Vanquish augments lvl 6.