Mobile Strike tips – Grid Search

It is very useful to understand what exists in your state. Either it be the CP or important rss sources.

Most players do grid search in order to find opportunities of different sorts, but it’s a good idea to do it a bit systematically in order to be effective.

In the picture below you see that we start in one corner of the map.


This is simply done by opening the map, and scroll until you find a fence, either to one side or up/ down.

Then you scroll 90 degrees on the first scroll until you find a fence corner like the picture above.

The next you should note is the X and Y coordinates at the mid bottom of your map screen. In the picture above it says x:509 y:1021.

One way to start searching is up and down. In the pictures below we have moved 6 points to the left, you can see the same black vertical line on both pictures as a reference. Meaning it’s a bit of an overlap, but this is only done to explain. The screen should be moved 10 points at the time.

This means that you scroll up following the fence until you see the fence on top of the screen.

Then you move 10 points to one side, that way you are covering the whole map, and not missing any spot or opportunities.

If you want to understand how the map works, you can read this article here.




Mobile Strike tips- farming Bases

Rss farming is something that we all do, but from time to time you can get lucky and find some large abandoned bases.

A good sign is that there are no troops left, and that the base has lost its tags. Lost tags means it is no longer member of any alliance.

These opportunities are a bit rare but if you find them, share them with your alliance, because no matter how big you are, you will never be able to emptying it alone so invite the rest of your alliance. An example of a big abandon base below.



Mobile Strike tips – Break Item vs Disassemble

In the beginning of the game this feature is not important, but as you progress and start to upgrade your gear, or start to manufacture new gear it’s important to understand the difference between breaking an item and disassembly of the same item.

In short the difference is connected to either you want to build new gear and new items or if you need to enhance gear to give it better boost.

Build new gear

In manufacturing you need materials. You get materials by breaking an item. In addition you get spare parts.


The result is dependent on the quality of the item. In this case we broke and disassembled to same level 10 item as an example.

The pictures above shows we get an item or new materials. In addition we get Spare Parts.

Enhance gear

This process require that you have access to the Combat lab.

In the Combat lab there is an option to enhance gear. If we disassemble the item instead of breaking it. The result gives us just spare parts. The difference is in the amount of Spare Items.

While we got about 1000 Spare Parts when we broke it, we get about 100.000 ie a hundred times as many Spare Parts when we disassembles the item.


As a conclusion you should break an item if you want to manufacture something, and you should disassemble the item if you need Spare Parts for enhancement of gear due to the different volumes of Spare Parts the disassemble process gives vs the break item process.


Divine Conqueror mod level 24

Mobile Strike has recently launched a new version on the Divine Conqueror mod. The stats from level 20 to the new level 24 have again shifted towards the new attributes like Corrosive, Overpower and Indestructible.

Conqueror mod
Conqueror mod

They are also focusing the mod towards CP warfare, something that definitely is because of the upcoming SvS event.

The stats have gone from a Billion to Trillions and even KT, so Mobile Strike is really ramping things up.

Using the chat in Mobile Strike – 103

When you have gotten started with the game, you will need to cooperate with other players.

It’s easy to misunderstand how to use the chat and the internal message board in your alliance.

What you should do is to click on these two lines on your main screen, shown below.


When you first click there, you will get up a new screen with chat messages from different players/members of your alliance.


There are a few options on this screen. The different flips in the middle are

1. State chat – This the State room, meaning all the Alliances have access to this chatroom.

2. This is the chatroom to your alliance. This is a restricted  room that you need to be a member of the alliance to have access to.

3. Custom is an extra flip you can use to either add a private chat or a chatroom.


The first button to the top left corner is the most extensive one, and the one we will talk about in this article.

After you click the button, a long drop down menu will appear. This menu is split in two parts.

1. The upper part is ment for one to one chats or pm’s.

2. The second lower part is ment for chat rooms. You can create your own chat rooms and invite members into the chatroom, or you can receive invites from others to join some special chatroom.

After you have played for a while, you will get as many contacts as you have in other social medias, but the chat rooms are usually between 1-10. Depending on how long time you have played.

The menu look something like this:


The administration of the chatroom is done by pushing the small picture of golden cogs in the upper right corner of the room. Looking like this:


When you push the cogs, this last menu pop up, that let you control the room.


Start playing – 102

When you have installed, downloaded the app, finished the introduction with Arnold, you are ready for your first steps.

The game is a strategy war game, so ultimately you will need to fight someone, but before you do that, you should prepare.

This article covers the main points you need to know in order to get a few levels up, and to let you familiarize yourself with the game and screen layout.

In the base there are three main activities:


There is a separate research building that you need to click in order for the game to show you the research screen with its different options.


Right after the introduction by Arnold, you have a few buildings both inside and outside the wall, but everything is called your Base.

Outside the wall you will build different resources like farms, oil fields, stone quarries and iron mines.

Inside there will be a lot of different technical buildings like radar, armory, training grounds, hospital, HQ etc.

You can click each building that have a green arrow in front, and when you do, a new screen pops up with a button saying “Upgrade” in the top right corner. The picture below show an example of an iron mine that can be upgraded.

Iron mine upgrade
Iron mine upgrade

If we click on that building we get a picture looking like this:

Upgrade button
Upgrade button

Construction is the task to upgrade and to build new buildings, both inside and outside the wall. For each upgrade you will need resources like oil, metal and stone, which you are producing outside your wall.

Training troops

The third, and perhaps the most important part of the game is to train troops. We all start with a few troops, but within the troop training there lays a lot of strategy and thinking if you start playing into the higher levels. However when you start up, you just start producing some infantry and tactical troops in Tier 1.

The place where you train is inside the wall, and looks like this:


The next step now is to get to know these different main task and we look at the world outside the base in the next article.

What is a SvS event?

The State vs State event is a periodical event that let the different States in Mobile Strike fight each other.

All players are notified 24 hours before the event start. It will show in the challenges window on your right side.

Battle Tested vs Protected State

A protected state is a young state, usually somewhere between 3-6 months old. It is first after a SvS event that a state becomes Battle Tested.

The event is split into a few different parts:

Central Control Point

The fight for the Central Control Point (CP) in Mobile Strike, also known as Central.

During this phase, all Bases and Alliances teleports to the Central CP and fight for control. The cost of teleporting was this time 250.000 gold.

The purge

During this period everyone that wants, can travel to the opposite State and fight other Bases and Rebel Targets. Points are given for all kills, and the purpose is to kill and defeat as many bases and targets as possible.

The ones that choose not to fight are recommended to have their shield up, in order to make as few targets as possible for the other state invading.

Attack and defence of the local CP

In this phase, the strongest bases in the state usually unites in the same alliance(s) and one part stays to protect the state’s own local CP, the other part of the players try to take control of the opposite state’s CP.

Outcome of the event

After the event there are winners and losers. The winners stay, but the looser can be teleported out of the state.

For the winning state there are great gifts for all, so it’s in everyone’s interest to take part in the event.