Troop composition with T8

We have earlier discussed troop composition with T5, T6 and T7.

Read step 1 in Troop composition 

Now we will add in T8 to the mix and at the same time look at the attack deployment composition.

Power Calculations

We have earlier calculated that Normal Troop types are the Type that has the least disadvantages compared to the other Troop Types.

When it comes to attack is thus a bit different, mostly due to the opposite calculation of the probabilities in an attack situation, so in a deployment setup vs a Base defense setup, we would slightly prefer Mercenary Troop Type.

The tables below shows a good example of a basic Deployment Setup consisting of T8 to T6.

If we again look at the ratios of power of Troop times power of Tier, we see that each Tier gives each Entity about an 25% increase weighted for power. Meaning that you need 50 T8 to get the same power balance as 100 T6.

Tactical Rapid Deployment

The second part of the presets below is the tactical advantage you have of mixing and matching troops when you deploy rapidly during a battle. In between these presets it is recommended to alternate a max queue Ghost Deployment. Ghost Deployment is a Deployment without the commander.

If you choose max queue you will automatically get the commander included. This is something you need to avoid, because it alter the defense ratio of the Base.

Below is a 3 preset setup for T8,T7,T6 Deployment. This is constructed with cost of training as an input variable in addition to the power ratio alone.

Preset 1 – Infantry


Preset 2 – Tactical


Preset 3 – Armored Vehicle




Green Mamba augments vs Juggernaut

Here is a small comparison of the different augments that are highest rated at the moment.

They have clearly different purposes with the Juggernaut lvl 6 augments being by far more defensive in nature than the Green Mamba.

What makes it a bit difficult to compare is the new attributes like the Overpower, Indestructible and Corrosive vs the standard one for troop types.

Green Mamba
Green Mamba Augments


Base Insignia’s in Mobile Strike

Insignia’s for war

The Insignia seems to be getting more and more powerful and complex, and it’s clear that MS has some plans for extending their use. The first indication was the new preset option for quickly changing Insignia’s during battle shown under.


It is now possible to go from being “an attacking base” with full Attack Insignia’s and Divine Warlord gear, to go into full defense mode with full defense Insignia’s and Divine Judgement gear. This will certainly impact the way ¬†players will fight.

Insignia’s versions

Below is a comparison between Divine, Exhalted and Supreme. MobileStrike has usually Divine as the best, when it comes to versions of items they are using.

Attack Insignia’s has always good bonuses on the Attack, but as we all know there are variations within the attacks due to both type of troops in context of normal,advanced and mercenaries, but also in the form of infantry, tactical and armored vehicles.

The different tables below show a small portion of how the bonuses are spread across troop types and attack types.


The table above spread the bonuses evenly across troop types. The table below is more specific, and gives the bonus to the amor piercing capability of the troops.


Non Battle Insignia’s

There are other Insignia’s that have different attributes, and which is a very good added bonuses for internal Base logistics.

One example is the Reseach Insigna, shown below



Divine Jungle Gear – Enhanced

Mobile Strike is launching a lot of new gears right before the launch of the SvS event.

The new Divine Jungle Gear has some really good stats, and it’s a must for training the new T8 Infinity troops.

Below are a few pictures of the gear with full stats and also a practical example of training 10M Warden T7 with and without the gear.


In order to enhance the new gear, you will need the parts shown below.


Gear stats

The stats are far better than the old Jungle and also the Beret. Here are most of them:



In order to maximize the gear you need also to add some mods. The best level 6 mods that fits with this gear are these ones:





In order to give some perspective of what all this means, we made a comparison with and without the gear while we were training 10M Warden Tier 7:

As we see from the pictures above, the gear gives more than 50% (57%) reduction on the training speed.

Troop queue

For use in some lower level Tier troops, the gear gives also an extreme boost in training queue numbers, seen in the picture below.


Judgement gear vs Warlord gear

In the recent week’s Mobile Strike have released a few new gears. Two of these gears are made for combat.

The table below compare the highlights of the new gears. It is not a complete overview of all the stats, but it shows clearly that Warlord gear is more offensive in nature vs the more defense oriented Judgement gear.


The comparison is made with Divine Judgement and Supreme Warlord without any mods or augments.