Divine Deathtrap vs Warlord vs Judgement gear

It’s no doubt Mobile Strike is increasing the stats on multiple fronts before the big Kill Event.


Deathtrap gear

Today Mobile Strike launched the new Divine Deathtrap gear.  The gear is an upgrade of the Judgement gear if we look at the stats on the elements it’s covering, meaning it’s defensive in nature with focus on health, defense and shielding of the different war elements.

On the other hand in gives a significant boost of the Troop Attack, with numbers in the KT range.

The table below is a short comparison of the new gear vs the two other most relevant gears out there.


Deathtrap comparison

The enhancements will still be following the juggernaut/ judgement enhancement parts.



Warlord and Jugdement enhanced to level 30

Mobile Strike launched today information about increased enhancement level on both gears.

In order to get the gear sets from level 25 to 30 you will need new items. For the Divine Judgement you will need Judgement Enhancement Part, and for the Divine Warlord you will need Warlord Enhancement Part. Both shown in the pictures below.


The new stats are not known yet, but as mentioned earlier  in our comparison the Judgement will still be weighed against Defense while the Warlord gear is more for attacking, with new Overpowered Attack stats.

Judgement gear vs Warlord gear

In the recent week’s Mobile Strike have released a few new gears. Two of these gears are made for combat.

The table below compare the highlights of the new gears. It is not a complete overview of all the stats, but it shows clearly that Warlord gear is more offensive in nature vs the more defense oriented Judgement gear.


The comparison is made with Divine Judgement and Supreme Warlord without any mods or augments.