Crimson Carbine vs Green Mamba Augments

Mobile Strike has launched some new augments recently.

The new augments has some rally nice stats for both Attack and defense, with raising the Troop Attack effect in the MT level.

That being said the augments looks in many aspects more towards Green Mamba then the older Juggernaut augments, meaning that the overall augments have a clear focus on defense and health.


In the table below you will find a comparison between Juggernaut, Green Mamba and the new Crimson Carbine.

Crimson Carbine


What are augments in Mobile Strike

The augments  comes as a separate menu to the mods. Augments are divided into four parts.
1. Scope
2. Brake
3. Grip
4. Stock

Below is a picture of a rifle with the four different parts attached. You can also verify that you have all parts from the number on the right side of the rifle slot of your commander’s gear.


For most of the different arguments these four parts usually have the same characteristics, but you can mix and match if you want something special.