Divine Swift Invasion Gear

In the last weeks we have seen a number of new gear coming out. It started after a rather stable periods with the Juggernaut gear, which was an all rounder.

Divine Swift Invasion GearThen we got gear for attack strategy like the Warlord and Dreadnought gear, to the very defensive Judgement gear.

At the same time Mobile Strike have launched two new Divine gear, one for a Training ( Divine Drill Sergeant), and the Divine Construction gear. Both of these gears came in context of the new building levels, and the new Infinity Troops T9.

Now they are launching the Divine Swift Invasion Gear. This last gear set has clearly CP fighting focus, with a 56.000% on deployment speed around the CP.

As most know fighting at CP is like fighting in slow motion. So a 50K increase in speed will be interesting to test out.

This might me the last gear they launch before the SVS starts.


Crimson Carbine vs Green Mamba Augments

Mobile Strike has launched some new augments recently.

The new augments has some rally nice stats for both Attack and defense, with raising the Troop Attack effect in the MT level.

That being said the augments looks in many aspects more towards Green Mamba then the older Juggernaut augments, meaning that the overall augments have a clear focus on defense and health.


In the table below you will find a comparison between Juggernaut, Green Mamba and the new Crimson Carbine.

Crimson Carbine

Dreadnought vs Deathtrap vs Warlord

Just a few days after Mobile Strike launched the defense oriented Deathtrap gear, they launch a new upgraded attack gear.

Dreadnought gearThis gear is a clear upgrade of the Warlord gear, and is an attack focused commander’s gear.

It is the first gear to support specific Divine troops Tier 9. It is also the first gear to support the new attack type called Nuclear Attack.

The gear follow the type differentiation that we have seen earlier. Mobile Strike is using it on all gears, not just battle gear.

The versions goes from the lowest version called Ultimate to Supreme to Exalted To the top version which they always calls Divine.

In the table below is a comparison of the latest 4 battle gears.

Gear comparison table

Divine Deathtrap vs Warlord vs Judgement gear

It’s no doubt Mobile Strike is increasing the stats on multiple fronts before the big Kill Event.


Deathtrap gear

Today Mobile Strike launched the new Divine Deathtrap gear.  The gear is an upgrade of the Judgement gear if we look at the stats on the elements it’s covering, meaning it’s defensive in nature with focus on health, defense and shielding of the different war elements.

On the other hand in gives a significant boost of the Troop Attack, with numbers in the KT range.

The table below is a short comparison of the new gear vs the two other most relevant gears out there.


Deathtrap comparison

The enhancements will still be following the juggernaut/ judgement enhancement parts.


Warlord and Jugdement enhanced to level 30

Mobile Strike launched today information about increased enhancement level on both gears.

In order to get the gear sets from level 25 to 30 you will need new items. For the Divine Judgement you will need Judgement Enhancement Part, and for the Divine Warlord you will need Warlord Enhancement Part. Both shown in the pictures below.


The new stats are not known yet, but as mentioned earlier  in our comparison the Judgement will still be weighed against Defense while the Warlord gear is more for attacking, with new Overpowered Attack stats.

Mobile Strike tips – Break Item vs Disassemble

In the beginning of the game this feature is not important, but as you progress and start to upgrade your gear, or start to manufacture new gear it’s important to understand the difference between breaking an item and disassembly of the same item.

In short the difference is connected to either you want to build new gear and new items or if you need to enhance gear to give it better boost.

Build new gear

In manufacturing you need materials. You get materials by breaking an item. In addition you get spare parts.


The result is dependent on the quality of the item. In this case we broke and disassembled to same level 10 item as an example.

The pictures above shows we get an item or new materials. In addition we get Spare Parts.

Enhance gear

This process require that you have access to the Combat lab.

In the Combat lab there is an option to enhance gear. If we disassemble the item instead of breaking it. The result gives us just spare parts. The difference is in the amount of Spare Items.

While we got about 1000 Spare Parts when we broke it, we get about 100.000 ie a hundred times as many Spare Parts when we disassembles the item.


As a conclusion you should break an item if you want to manufacture something, and you should disassemble the item if you need Spare Parts for enhancement of gear due to the different volumes of Spare Parts the disassemble process gives vs the break item process.


Divine Conqueror mod level 24

Mobile Strike has recently launched a new version on the Divine Conqueror mod. The stats from level 20 to the new level 24 have again shifted towards the new attributes like Corrosive, Overpower and Indestructible.

Conqueror mod
Conqueror mod

They are also focusing the mod towards CP warfare, something that definitely is because of the upcoming SvS event.

The stats have gone from a Billion to Trillions and even KT, so Mobile Strike is really ramping things up.