Crimson Carbine vs Green Mamba Augments

Mobile Strike has launched some new augments recently.

The new augments has some rally nice stats for both Attack and defense, with raising the Troop Attack effect in the MT level.

That being said the augments looks in many aspects more towards Green Mamba then the older Juggernaut augments, meaning that the overall augments have a clear focus on defense and health.


In the table below you will find a comparison between Juggernaut, Green Mamba and the new Crimson Carbine.

Crimson Carbine


Basic Battle Checklist Mobile Strike

Battle checklist

  • Check Commander gear
  • Check Insignia’s
  • Check Troops
  • Check Wall
  • Check Boosts
  • Check Rally partners
  • Check Phone / pad

This list expect that you have preset active for most tasks.

First time battle

  • Check Commander gear
  • Check Commander level
  • Check Skill Tree
  • Check VIP points
  • Check Insignia’s
  • Check Troops
  • Check Wall
  • Check Boosts
  • Check Piece shields
  • Check Teleport
  • Check Rally partners
  • Check Phone / pad
  • Check Time

Check commander gear

Is the commander wearing battle gear?
Are the correct mods installed, and are they installed on all items?
Are all the augments and the right augments installed?
Is the gear fully enhanced?
Is the gear level fully updated?

Check commander level

Have you updated the commander’s xp point to max?

Skill Tree

Is the Skill Tree preset set for battle?
Are you fighting at cp or just attack? – adjust accordingly

Check VIP points

Have you updated an added all your VIP points?

Check Troops

Are all troops trained?
Are all troop enhancements done?
Are all troop preset done?

Check wall

Is the wall full of traps?

Check boosts

Have you added all building boost if applicable?
Have you added all time limited boosts?
Have you decided to use attack or defense boost?
Are you fighting at cp or just attack? – adjust accordingly

Check Piece shield

Have you new shields ready if you need to shield?

Check teleport

Have you enough teleports to go both ways?

Check Insignia’s

Have you the right preset Insignia’s?
Have you activated all Insignia’s?
Are you fighting at cp or just attack? – adjust accordingly

Check rally partners

Are the other players ready to assist you?
Are the other players ready?

Check phone/pad

Is your phone/ pad charged?
Is the cell reception good and stable?

Check time

Are you free the next 20 min?




Mobile Strike – Assault Vehicle Hangar

Today Mobile Strike launched a new attack component. The new Assault Vehicles are having the same type of stats as the other Troop elements except the introduction of Nuclear  Attack which is new.


The vehicles needs the commander, so all the new stats with the STAT part of Mobile Ops are supporting this new building and its deployment options.

On the other side, this means also that if someone is using the new Tombstone item with a forced death time of the commander of about a week. This building with its attacks will not be working during this time.

The attacks seems to be ment for rallying, especially since the attacks are very commander oriented.

The attacks with ie. the tanks are working the same way as with gear. If the commander dies, the vehicle’s are returned to inventory. So whatever upgrades and/or enhancements that have been done on the vehicles are not being lost if you loose the commander in the attack.






Green Mamba augments vs Juggernaut

Here is a small comparison of the different augments that are highest rated at the moment.

They have clearly different purposes with the Juggernaut lvl 6 augments being by far more defensive in nature than the Green Mamba.

What makes it a bit difficult to compare is the new attributes like the Overpower, Indestructible and Corrosive vs the standard one for troop types.

Green Mamba
Green Mamba Augments


Cheating the Skill Tree

Within the Battle Tactics research tree, there is a box called Commander Preset II. This research gives you the ability to preset the points in the commander’s Skill Tree.

This means that you can redistribute the points as you see fit, depending on the gear and task at hand.

While the most natural method of filling in the points is from the top, you are better off filling it from the bottom of the tree.

The way this is done is by filling each box from the top just enough to open the next one. When you have gotten as deep as you can, you start to fill the boxes in the tree backwards.

The reason why you want to do this, is because the biggest bonuses and boosts exist at the bottom thus increasing the effect of each point you have earned.

Please note that you might need to test this a few times in order to figure out the optimal filling pattern based on your exact number of points.


Mobile strike Commander skill tree

Your commander is one of the most valuable assets you have in your Base. The commander has two major significant tasks to accomplish. One is to lead your troops in battle, the second is to control the logistics of your base.

For this reason there exists a Commander skill tree. It’s very much like the other research trees found within the game, but it has some special features.

This will only be an introduction into the skill tree, we will show different aspects of it in other articles.

1. The skilltree has two branches. One for battle on the left, and one for base operations on the right.

2. The skilltree preset functionality which gives you as a player a possibility to rearrange the points as you see fit based upon the task at hand. This mean that if you are going to battle, you can take knowledge point from base operations and redistribute them for battle. That way you commander gets more knowledge about battle and becomes stronger.