Basic Battle Checklist Mobile Strike

Battle checklist

  • Check Commander gear
  • Check Insignia’s
  • Check Troops
  • Check Wall
  • Check Boosts
  • Check Rally partners
  • Check Phone / pad

This list expect that you have preset active for most tasks.

First time battle

  • Check Commander gear
  • Check Commander level
  • Check Skill Tree
  • Check VIP points
  • Check Insignia’s
  • Check Troops
  • Check Wall
  • Check Boosts
  • Check Piece shields
  • Check Teleport
  • Check Rally partners
  • Check Phone / pad
  • Check Time

Check commander gear

Is the commander wearing battle gear?
Are the correct mods installed, and are they installed on all items?
Are all the augments and the right augments installed?
Is the gear fully enhanced?
Is the gear level fully updated?

Check commander level

Have you updated the commander’s xp point to max?

Skill Tree

Is the Skill Tree preset set for battle?
Are you fighting at cp or just attack? – adjust accordingly

Check VIP points

Have you updated an added all your VIP points?

Check Troops

Are all troops trained?
Are all troop enhancements done?
Are all troop preset done?

Check wall

Is the wall full of traps?

Check boosts

Have you added all building boost if applicable?
Have you added all time limited boosts?
Have you decided to use attack or defense boost?
Are you fighting at cp or just attack? – adjust accordingly

Check Piece shield

Have you new shields ready if you need to shield?

Check teleport

Have you enough teleports to go both ways?

Check Insignia’s

Have you the right preset Insignia’s?
Have you activated all Insignia’s?
Are you fighting at cp or just attack? – adjust accordingly

Check rally partners

Are the other players ready to assist you?
Are the other players ready?

Check phone/pad

Is your phone/ pad charged?
Is the cell reception good and stable?

Check time

Are you free the next 20 min?





Mobile Strike tips – Boost preset

Mobile Strike offers a lot of functionality, with a large set of different options and menus. One of the most used settings throughout the game is the different preset options. The most used is perhaps the gear presets, but of late new presets like the Insignia preset have been launched.

One of the presets that have been little known is the boost preset. This preset is to make in easier and quicker to set different preset based upon the task you are going to do.

White Dow

The preset itself is found under the shield Dow on the right side of the screen as shown below.

White Dow / shield screen
White Dow / shield screen

When you push the White Dow, you are shown the status of your Base, but at the top of the screen you have and edit button as shown below.

Boost edit menu
Boost edit menu

This button leads you into the boost preset menu. The rest works the same as with gear preset. You choose the different boosts and then define them into different presets.

Boost preset screen
Boost preset screen

Note that these boost presets are going to go empty unlike the gear presets, since most of the boost items are time limited.