Divine Drill Sergeant gear

In context of the new Divine Troops T9, Mobile Strike launches simultaneously the Divine Drill Sergeant gear. The gear gives 3800% on Troop speed up time.


The comparison to the Divine Jungle gear is not that big. The total un-enhanced Divine Jungle Gear gives 3500% Troop reduction on speed up, meaning an increase of 300% on the new Drill Sergeant gear.

  • Divine Drill Sergeant gear:  3800% reduction
  • Divine Jungle gear : 3500% reduction
  • Fully enhanced and modded Jungle gear : 13100%

The aspect that is not tested yet is how the new gear performs fully enhanced and modded.

A fully modded and enhanced level 35, Full Divine Jungle gear reduce training speed with 13100% reduction on troop training time and 9300% on traps.

This means that a fully enhanced Divine Jungle Gear is still more effective than a default Divine Drill Sergeant gear.


Mobile Strike tips – State Boosts

From time to time you will find a screen right between the White Dow/Shield mini screen and the Challenges mini screen.

This mini screen shows different small icons representing Reseach, Construction, Farming etc.  The picture below show an example of how it can look.

State Boosts mini screen
State Boosts mini screen

This is what is called State Boosts, and it’s a time limited boosts given to all bases in the State for a short time. Usually a few hours to a day/days. The state boosts can be very helpful for the biggest focus areas like research, construction and troop training.

The boosts are usually very strong and gives a large improvement for speeding up time for these tasks. It can also give free use of resources or items used for research or construction.

An example of how the State Boosts overview looks like is shown below.

State Boosts overview
State Boosts overview

Mobile Strike tips – Boost preset

Mobile Strike offers a lot of functionality, with a large set of different options and menus. One of the most used settings throughout the game is the different preset options. The most used is perhaps the gear presets, but of late new presets like the Insignia preset have been launched.

One of the presets that have been little known is the boost preset. This preset is to make in easier and quicker to set different preset based upon the task you are going to do.

White Dow

The preset itself is found under the shield Dow on the right side of the screen as shown below.

White Dow / shield screen
White Dow / shield screen

When you push the White Dow, you are shown the status of your Base, but at the top of the screen you have and edit button as shown below.

Boost edit menu
Boost edit menu

This button leads you into the boost preset menu. The rest works the same as with gear preset. You choose the different boosts and then define them into different presets.

Boost preset screen
Boost preset screen

Note that these boost presets are going to go empty unlike the gear presets, since most of the boost items are time limited.