Mobile Strike – Assault Vehicle Hangar

Today Mobile Strike launched a new attack component. The new Assault Vehicles are having the same type of stats as the other Troop elements except the introduction of Nuclear  Attack which is new.


The vehicles needs the commander, so all the new stats with the STAT part of Mobile Ops are supporting this new building and its deployment options.

On the other side, this means also that if someone is using the new Tombstone item with a forced death time of the commander of about a week. This building with its attacks will not be working during this time.

The attacks seems to be ment for rallying, especially since the attacks are very commander oriented.

The attacks with ie. the tanks are working the same way as with gear. If the commander dies, the vehicle’s are returned to inventory. So whatever upgrades and/or enhancements that have been done on the vehicles are not being lost if you loose the commander in the attack.







New Building Intelligence Chip

Building development intelligence Chip’s are one of several some newly added items that you need to finalize the Building Development research tree.

Building Intelligence Chip
Building Intelligence Chip

The added branches on the Reseach tree is very rss intensive as you can see on the picture below.

Most of the resources are in the KT / TT area, making it very expensive to research.


The added Attack Bonus on the buildings seems to be in addition to the Building Boost already present in building. ¬†It’s still a bit of uncertainty of it being stacked or not if you choose the attack boost in the Building Boost randomizer.