Starting the game

You start by download the app, and open the intro. You will be led through a number of default features of the game by a commander. Something most of us are used to by now with games like this.

you will see your base looking like this:





Start playing – 101

After you have downloaded the app. You will be led by a commander through a short “how to”, which most of us are used to by now on these types of games.

After the mandatory introduction by the commander, you start with a picture more or less like this:

IMG_0117Explanation of the screen:

1. Top right corner is the picture of your commander. Push that and you get into a different screen about your commander.

2. To to the right for the commander window you have VIP and the power level windows.Both tell you about your powers as you play and gain points.

3. In the top right corner is a window, showing how much gold you have.

4. The blackline under these Windows shows an overview of the base resources like food, oil, stone and metal. Later also a lot of other resource items.

5. On the main window it’s a lot of small windows that contains information about how far your research, construction and training of troops are coming along.. these can be closed.

At the upper right corner there is an ad-window for MS, where they run promotions.

Under there is a white dowe telling you that right now it is a piece shield covering your base, so no one can attack you, and you can not attack others without lowering it.

The, a bit larger window, further down on the right is a window that shows your daily challenges and also the challenges that the alliance has to perform during a given timeframe.

6. Under the main window are two lines with chat. You click the text, and a new chat screen will pop up.

7. At the bottom there are your menus for controlling the base in general.

– “Missions” – this leads to all your available missions

– “Items”- this leads to the store, and also your inventory

– “Alliance” – this leads you to an area where you can help other people in your alliance, and alot of other functions to coordinate with the others.

– “Mail” – in addition to the chat there is an ingame email system.

-”   >    ” – this leads you to a screen for the setup of the game, and a few other items.