Cyanid pill during battle

In times when you do a lot of combat, it’s very useful to use cyanid pills. Instead of waiting for a commander’s release you can use a 30min to a few hours waiting time before you can resurrect your commander again. This way, you do not need to wait for your commander in days before you attack again.

On the other hand MS released recently a new tomb/ headstone with a week lock for the opponents commander if captured.



Rss tile farming

In order to build buildings, do research or train troops you need resources (rss). The most common rss are food, oil, stone and metal.

When your alliance choose a place to settle, it is important that the area it chooses has good access to the right level of rss for the majority of the hive.

Tile farming can be done with the shield active, and most players send their troops farming right before they log off.

In this article we will focus on what type of troops you should send in order to utilize the time and load for each of the different type of troops.

Food = All troop types
Oil = Infantry/ Tactical
Stone = Tactical/Armored
Iron = Infantry/Armored
Coin = Armored/ Artillery

For lower level players it is recommended to use T1 troops due to the best deployment speed.

You should also understand that there is an aspect called load, that we have not considered in this small table.

Mobile strike Full Divine Warlord

This week MS launched the full Divine Warlord gear. The gear seems to be far better than the previous Juggernaut gear.

The gear uses both Juggernaut batteries as well as Warlord batteries for enhancements. Since MS still have not launched presets on Gear enhancement’s you will need to strip your old gear for batteries before starting to enhance this new one.

The best augments seems so far to still be Juggernaut augments or Divine Vanquish lvl6.

When it comes to the battle mods, it was not reacting to level 20 mods. With reacting it means that the green locking frame around the mods, showing a full and correct set did not show.

This is how it should look like when the mods are correct


MS have introduced level 22 mods this week as well, so it might be those that are ment to go into the Divine Warlord gear.


Mobile strike Commander skill tree

Your commander is one of the most valuable assets you have in your Base. The commander has two major significant tasks to accomplish. One is to lead your troops in battle, the second is to control the logistics of your base.

For this reason there exists a Commander skill tree. It’s very much like the other research trees found within the game, but it has some special features.

This will only be an introduction into the skill tree, we will show different aspects of it in other articles.

1. The skilltree has two branches. One for battle on the left, and one for base operations on the right.

2. The skilltree preset functionality which gives you as a player a possibility to rearrange the points as you see fit based upon the task at hand. This mean that if you are going to battle, you can take knowledge point from base operations and redistribute them for battle. That way you commander gets more knowledge about battle and becomes stronger.

Mobile strike – Introduction to research trees

There are many reseach trees and we will try to first give a quick overview of the trees. Then we will go through each tree to discuss interesting features, but that will be in separate articles.

The overview as of July 2017

  • Economics
  • Combat
  • Wall trap
  • Commander XP
  • Advanced combat
  • Advanced traps
  • Manufacturing
  • Battle tactics
  • Set Bonus
  • Mod set bonus
  • Building developments
  • Auguments
  • Mercenary combat
  • Mobile ops
  • Rebel targets
  • Mobile traps
  • Ultimate combat
  • Battle marks
  • Arsenal
  • Daily Milestone advice
  • Combat ¬†Mastery

Some of these trees will not be seen by all from the start. These comes first after the player have finilized one or several other trees,

Gear guide July 2017

As most of you know it’s a lot that is going on with the gears. I will explain briefly about a few important gears. They come in different versions and they are not all accessible before you reach certain levels.

This is just ment as a simple intruduction to the gear, later we will explain and show the benefits of enhanced gear, mods and augments

There are four main gear set every player should have as a minimum:

The first gears gives some reduction or increase for the three most important aspects of the game except battle.

1. Construction gear to keep cost and time down

2. Research gear to keep cost and time down

3. Training gear to keep cost and time down, but also to increase number of soldiers to train at the same time.

Under are three examples that has been enhanced:

1. Divine constructor gear, help reducing construction time


2.This is Innovator gear that helps minimize research time.


3.The jungle gear that helps with training, and increases the troops volume.


4. The last is battle. Under is a full Warlord Supreme. It’s not the most powerful Warloard gear version, but at the moment a full Divine set has not been made available. It beats all the Divine versions of Juggernaut even World class with mods lvl20 and Divine Vanquish augments lvl 6.


Mobile strike game strategy from start – day 1

in the mobile strike game you have a few option in the start.

1. You can follow the little robot leader showing you around, and do what he is suggesting.

2. You follow him just to you have built a few buildings 3-5. Then my suggestion is to put up 4 of each or the different resources outside of the wall.

So 4 or these:

  • Stone quarry
  • Oil well
  • Iron mines
  • Farms

The rest of the open building spots you fill with farms

It will look something like this :


3. Inside your wall,  you fill all open spots with banks, fill all and afterwards when you need room for another building, you just demolish one bank at the time and put the other building up there.

Both banks and the resources can be upgraded to lvl 3 without waiting, but you will need to use all your inventory under “items – resources” in order to build all of them. Also stop when you are 3/4 done and collect resources from the missions you have done by the buildings you have raised.

The inside of the wall should now look like this: