Train new soldiers or promote them?

It’s a building called Troop Academy. This building let you promote soldiers to a higher Tier.


The process works by first choosing the soldier type you want to promote, then you choose the soldier type you want the soldier to be promoted to.

The question is – is it cheaper to promote a soldier or is it better to dismiss him and train a new one?

The answer is very clear. It’s cheaper to dismiss a soldier of a lower Tier and train a new soldier of a higher Tier rather than promote him.


The table shows a Tier 5 promoted to T6 Immortal vs. training a new Immortal



As we can see the cost of training a new soldier is almost 50% cheaper.

So the advice is – Dismiss soldiers and train new ones.


Troop composition with T8

We have earlier discussed troop composition with T5, T6 and T7.

Read step 1 in Troop composition 

Now we will add in T8 to the mix and at the same time look at the attack deployment composition.

Power Calculations

We have earlier calculated that Normal Troop types are the Type that has the least disadvantages compared to the other Troop Types.

When it comes to attack is thus a bit different, mostly due to the opposite calculation of the probabilities in an attack situation, so in a deployment setup vs a Base defense setup, we would slightly prefer Mercenary Troop Type.

The tables below shows a good example of a basic Deployment Setup consisting of T8 to T6.

If we again look at the ratios of power of Troop times power of Tier, we see that each Tier gives each Entity about an 25% increase weighted for power. Meaning that you need 50 T8 to get the same power balance as 100 T6.

Tactical Rapid Deployment

The second part of the presets below is the tactical advantage you have of mixing and matching troops when you deploy rapidly during a battle. In between these presets it is recommended to alternate a max queue Ghost Deployment. Ghost Deployment is a Deployment without the commander.

If you choose max queue you will automatically get the commander included. This is something you need to avoid, because it alter the defense ratio of the Base.

Below is a 3 preset setup for T8,T7,T6 Deployment. This is constructed with cost of training as an input variable in addition to the power ratio alone.

Preset 1 – Infantry


Preset 2 – Tactical


Preset 3 – Armored Vehicle



Mobile Strike tips – Grid Search

It is very useful to understand what exists in your state. Either it be the CP or important rss sources.

Most players do grid search in order to find opportunities of different sorts, but it’s a good idea to do it a bit systematically in order to be effective.

In the picture below you see that we start in one corner of the map.


This is simply done by opening the map, and scroll until you find a fence, either to one side or up/ down.

Then you scroll 90 degrees on the first scroll until you find a fence corner like the picture above.

The next you should note is the X and Y coordinates at the mid bottom of your map screen. In the picture above it says x:509 y:1021.

One way to start searching is up and down. In the pictures below we have moved 6 points to the left, you can see the same black vertical line on both pictures as a reference. Meaning it’s a bit of an overlap, but this is only done to explain. The screen should be moved 10 points at the time.

This means that you scroll up following the fence until you see the fence on top of the screen.

Then you move 10 points to one side, that way you are covering the whole map, and not missing any spot or opportunities.

If you want to understand how the map works, you can read this article here.



Mobile Strike tips- farming Bases

Rss farming is something that we all do, but from time to time you can get lucky and find some large abandoned bases.

A good sign is that there are no troops left, and that the base has lost its tags. Lost tags means it is no longer member of any alliance.

These opportunities are a bit rare but if you find them, share them with your alliance, because no matter how big you are, you will never be able to emptying it alone so invite the rest of your alliance. An example of a big abandon base below.



Basic Battle Checklist Mobile Strike

Battle checklist

  • Check Commander gear
  • Check Insignia’s
  • Check Troops
  • Check Wall
  • Check Boosts
  • Check Rally partners
  • Check Phone / pad

This list expect that you have preset active for most tasks.

First time battle

  • Check Commander gear
  • Check Commander level
  • Check Skill Tree
  • Check VIP points
  • Check Insignia’s
  • Check Troops
  • Check Wall
  • Check Boosts
  • Check Piece shields
  • Check Teleport
  • Check Rally partners
  • Check Phone / pad
  • Check Time

Check commander gear

Is the commander wearing battle gear?
Are the correct mods installed, and are they installed on all items?
Are all the augments and the right augments installed?
Is the gear fully enhanced?
Is the gear level fully updated?

Check commander level

Have you updated the commander’s xp point to max?

Skill Tree

Is the Skill Tree preset set for battle?
Are you fighting at cp or just attack? – adjust accordingly

Check VIP points

Have you updated an added all your VIP points?

Check Troops

Are all troops trained?
Are all troop enhancements done?
Are all troop preset done?

Check wall

Is the wall full of traps?

Check boosts

Have you added all building boost if applicable?
Have you added all time limited boosts?
Have you decided to use attack or defense boost?
Are you fighting at cp or just attack? – adjust accordingly

Check Piece shield

Have you new shields ready if you need to shield?

Check teleport

Have you enough teleports to go both ways?

Check Insignia’s

Have you the right preset Insignia’s?
Have you activated all Insignia’s?
Are you fighting at cp or just attack? – adjust accordingly

Check rally partners

Are the other players ready to assist you?
Are the other players ready?

Check phone/pad

Is your phone/ pad charged?
Is the cell reception good and stable?

Check time

Are you free the next 20 min?




Production Change of Base rss

The buildings in Base that are producing resources (rss) are as follows

– The Bank
– The Oil Well
– The Quarry
– The Farm
– The Iron Mine

These buildings are one of the first buildings you are building when you start the game. In the beginning the buildings are producing only one item which is used to support the three main tasks in the game which are Research , Construction and Troop Training.

When you start to upgrade the buildings you will get the possibility to change the output of the different buildings. These new resources are used to support both research and construction later in the game.

To change the production outcome you need to use Production Change Item. This is a limited Item that you get during the play of the game. Even though it’s a limited item, you will usually have enough of it do to the needed change to the buildings.

Production Change
Production Change

The Bank

In the banks you can choose to produce either coins or bonds. Bonds are not use early in the game, but are needed in more advanced research like Ultimate Combat research tree.

The Oil Well

The Oil wells are producing oil in the beginning, but you can later chose to let it produce either Oil, Barrels or Kerosene.

The Quarry

In the stone quarries you will in the beginning only produce stone. Stone is used in Troop Training. After upgrading the Quarry, the building can in addition produce Glass and Marble.

The Farm

Food production is the most used rss in the game, and it’s the resource building you should have focus on from the beginning. You will constantly throughout the game struggle to keep up the demand for this resource.

After upgrading the building you can let it produce Wooden Crates which are used in research or Wheat.


Mobile Strike tips – State Boosts

From time to time you will find a screen right between the White Dow/Shield mini screen and the Challenges mini screen.

This mini screen shows different small icons representing Reseach, Construction, Farming etc.  The picture below show an example of how it can look.

State Boosts mini screen
State Boosts mini screen

This is what is called State Boosts, and it’s a time limited boosts given to all bases in the State for a short time. Usually a few hours to a day/days. The state boosts can be very helpful for the biggest focus areas like research, construction and troop training.

The boosts are usually very strong and gives a large improvement for speeding up time for these tasks. It can also give free use of resources or items used for research or construction.

An example of how the State Boosts overview looks like is shown below.

State Boosts overview
State Boosts overview