As most of you know it’s a lot that is going on with the gears. I will explain briefly about a few important gears. They come in different versions and they are not all accessible before you reach certain levels.

This is just ment as a simple intruduction to the gear, later we will explain and show the benefits of enhanced gear, mods and augments

There are four main gear set every player should have as a minimum:

The first gears gives some reduction or increase for the three most important aspects of the game except battle.

1. Construction gear to keep cost and time down

2. Research gear to keep cost and time down

3. Training gear to keep cost and time down, but also to increase number of soldiers to train at the same time.

Under are three examples that has been enhanced:

1. Divine constructor gear, help reducing construction time


2.This is Innovator gear that helps minimize research time.


3.The jungle gear that helps with training, and increases the troops volume.


4. The last is battle. Under is a full Warlord Supreme. It’s not the most powerful Warloard gear version, but at the moment a full Divine set has not been made available. It beats all the Divine versions of Juggernaut even World class with mods lvl20 and Divine Vanquish augments lvl 6.