This page is designed for articles about the Commander in Mobile Strike.

The commander is one of the most important elements inside your base. The commander controls the troops and he/she controls all the logistics within your base.

The commander has a few variables that we can interact with as a player.

XP – points
The commander is given XP points when we do missions, challenges or when we fight in a battle. XP points can be seen as experience points. The more the commander does the more experience XP she gets.

Gear and equipment
The commander can be given different gear and equipment. This is everything from a gun to a pair of sunglasses. These different items are all somehow influencing the Commander. Some gear gives better defense, other make her better at constructing buildings.

Skill tree
The XP points are counted as power, while there exists another form of points that also can be said to be experience points. These points are split into three knowledge areas.

Commander Skill Tree

The first points she earns can be used on learning battle skills, like attack or defense. But they can also be used to learn about Base operations or logistics.

In the picture below we see that the left branch, starting with “Troop Attack” starts the battle knowledge. The branch to the right, starting with “Food Production” starts the knowledge and experience about base logistics.



Rebel Target Skill Tree

The third area is learning about rebel targets. You are awarded different type of experience points that you have to use in order to increase your commander’s knowledge about Rebel Target’s, or as they are called in the game Prowlers and Marauders.

The picture below is the same screen as above,but we have chosen the Rebel Target Skill Tree with pushing that button on top of the tree.