Production Change of Base rss

The buildings in Base that are producing resources (rss) are as follows

– The Bank
– The Oil Well
– The Quarry
– The Farm
– The Iron Mine

These buildings are one of the first buildings you are building when you start the game. In the beginning the buildings are producing only one item which is used to support the three main tasks in the game which are Research , Construction and Troop Training.

When you start to upgrade the buildings you will get the possibility to change the output of the different buildings. These new resources are used to support both research and construction later in the game.

To change the production outcome you need to use Production Change Item. This is a limited Item that you get during the play of the game. Even though it’s a limited item, you will usually have enough of it do to the needed change to the buildings.

Production Change
Production Change

The Bank

In the banks you can choose to produce either coins or bonds. Bonds are not use early in the game, but are needed in more advanced research like Ultimate Combat research tree.

The Oil Well

The Oil wells are producing oil in the beginning, but you can later chose to let it produce either Oil, Barrels or Kerosene.

The Quarry

In the stone quarries you will in the beginning only produce stone. Stone is used in Troop Training. After upgrading the Quarry, the building can in addition produce Glass and Marble.

The Farm

Food production is the most used rss in the game, and it’s the resource building you should have focus on from the beginning. You will constantly throughout the game struggle to keep up the demand for this resource.

After upgrading the building you can let it produce Wooden Crates which are used in research or Wheat.



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