Mobile Strike tips – State Boosts

From time to time you will find a screen right between the White Dow/Shield mini screen and the Challenges mini screen.

This mini screen shows different small icons representing Reseach, Construction, Farming etc.  The picture below show an example of how it can look.

State Boosts mini screen
State Boosts mini screen

This is what is called State Boosts, and it’s a time limited boosts given to all bases in the State for a short time. Usually a few hours to a day/days. The state boosts can be very helpful for the biggest focus areas like research, construction and troop training.

The boosts are usually very strong and gives a large improvement for speeding up time for these tasks. It can also give free use of resources or items used for research or construction.

An example of how the State Boosts overview looks like is shown below.

State Boosts overview
State Boosts overview

Author: mobilestrike4u

Leader of the United Party of Cora

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