Mobile Strike tips – Boost preset

Mobile Strike offers a lot of functionality, with a large set of different options and menus. One of the most used settings throughout the game is the different preset options. The most used is perhaps the gear presets, but of late new presets like the Insignia preset have been launched.

One of the presets that have been little known is the boost preset. This preset is to make in easier and quicker to set different preset based upon the task you are going to do.

White Dow

The preset itself is found under the shield Dow on the right side of the screen as shown below.

White Dow / shield screen
White Dow / shield screen

When you push the White Dow, you are shown the status of your Base, but at the top of the screen you have and edit button as shown below.

Boost edit menu
Boost edit menu

This button leads you into the boost preset menu. The rest works the same as with gear preset. You choose the different boosts and then define them into different presets.

Boost preset screen
Boost preset screen

Note that these boost presets are going to go empty unlike the gear presets, since most of the boost items are time limited.


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