New building boost released

During the last two days, Mobile Strike has given us both new Research Mods like the Omni one that increases you research point. Then not longer after they launched the new battle mods. Read more about that in the link below.

New battle mods

Today the lanched the new building modifiers to increase boost for buildings up to level 40.

Bonus a Rescue

Since the modifiers are based on a random generator , you can use the Bonus Rescue button to go back to the one you had.

Building mods lvl 40
Building mods lvl 40

Whats new:

– The option each time you spun the old XP generator , it switched between Attack, Defense and Shielding.

These new modifiers are also giving you the option to let the building boost include the following:

50T % Army Attack

5T  % Overpowered Attack

100M %  Triple Defense

50M % Indestructible Defense

150M % CP/ Rally or Trap Health




Author: mobilestrike4u

Leader of the United Party of Cora

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