Using the chat in Mobile Strike – 103

When you have gotten started with the game, you will need to cooperate with other players.

It’s easy to misunderstand how to use the chat and the internal message board in your alliance.

What you should do is to click on these two lines on your main screen, shown below.


When you first click there, you will get up a new screen with chat messages from different players/members of your alliance.


There are a few options on this screen. The different flips in the middle are

1. State chat – This the State room, meaning all the Alliances have access to this chatroom.

2. This is the chatroom to your alliance. This is a restricted  room that you need to be a member of the alliance to have access to.

3. Custom is an extra flip you can use to either add a private chat or a chatroom.


The first button to the top left corner is the most extensive one, and the one we will talk about in this article.

After you click the button, a long drop down menu will appear. This menu is split in two parts.

1. The upper part is ment for one to one chats or pm’s.

2. The second lower part is ment for chat rooms. You can create your own chat rooms and invite members into the chatroom, or you can receive invites from others to join some special chatroom.

After you have played for a while, you will get as many contacts as you have in other social medias, but the chat rooms are usually between 1-10. Depending on how long time you have played.

The menu look something like this:


The administration of the chatroom is done by pushing the small picture of golden cogs in the upper right corner of the room. Looking like this:


When you push the cogs, this last menu pop up, that let you control the room.



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