Building gift level in Mobile Strike

In order to make a successful alliance you need to have a good gift level. The gift level is easiest and fastest created with Rank 4 officers keeping a vigilant eye on who in the Alliance are finishing their daily milestones and do regular reminders in chat and via email.


It is always possible to reach the Daily Milestones twice every 24 hours. If you have an alliance that spreads across Asia, Europe and the US, the alliance just need 25 players in each time zone to complete each of the alliance daily milestones each  12th hour in order to double the effect for all members every day.

This way most alliances should be able to reach gift level 15 during a few weeks.

The double effect here is that when the gift level increases it attracts more active players whom in return contribute even more steadily to meeting the daily quota.


Author: mobilestrike4u

Leader of the United Party of Cora

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