Start playing – 102

When you have installed, downloaded the app, finished the introduction with Arnold, you are ready for your first steps.

The game is a strategy war game, so ultimately you will need to fight someone, but before you do that, you should prepare.

This article covers the main points you need to know in order to get a few levels up, and to let you familiarize yourself with the game and screen layout.

In the base there are three main activities:


There is a separate research building that you need to click in order for the game to show you the research screen with its different options.


Right after the introduction by Arnold, you have a few buildings both inside and outside the wall, but everything is called your Base.

Outside the wall you will build different resources like farms, oil fields, stone quarries and iron mines.

Inside there will be a lot of different technical buildings like radar, armory, training grounds, hospital, HQ etc.

You can click each building that have a green arrow in front, and when you do, a new screen pops up with a button saying “Upgrade” in the top right corner. The picture below show an example of an iron mine that can be upgraded.

Iron mine upgrade
Iron mine upgrade

If we click on that building we get a picture looking like this:

Upgrade button
Upgrade button

Construction is the task to upgrade and to build new buildings, both inside and outside the wall. For each upgrade you will need resources like oil, metal and stone, which you are producing outside your wall.

Training troops

The third, and perhaps the most important part of the game is to train troops. We all start with a few troops, but within the troop training there lays a lot of strategy and thinking if you start playing into the higher levels. However when you start up, you just start producing some infantry and tactical troops in Tier 1.

The place where you train is inside the wall, and looks like this:


The next step now is to get to know these different main task and we look at the world outside the base in the next article.


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