Utilizing mods in preset

Many players have few mods to use in research gear or construction gear.

Since a few of these mods gives boost for several areas, it’s a time saving method of switching mods when switching gear if you use mods preset.

The picture below shows the preset mods button.


This button sits in the top right corner of the screen where you install the mods.

In order to find it, you press the following screens/buttons:

1. On the main screen showing your base, in the top left corner with the picture of your commander.


2. Then you choose one of the items or item slots for the commander’s gear:


3. You will now see a screen showing the item, and a description of it like here:


4. In the screen in front of you, the button is at the right side, directly above the forth mod


In the preset you choose the mods you would like to use, by pushing the button, and choose “edit presets”.



Author: mobilestrike4u

Leader of the United Party of Cora

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