How to build a successful alliance

There are many ways of building and administering an alliance. However there are a few aspects that are generic, and that will help in creating a successful alliance.

Note that this is an introduction to Alliance administration, and by far not covering all the aspects of running it long term.

1. Set a goal. The goal of the game is to control the State Control Point (CP)

2. Kick inactive players several times a week.

3. Move the hive from time to time in order to clean it for inactive players. No one likes some burning abandoned bases in the middle of the hive.

4. Keep the Alliance store refilled and stocked at all times. Make people vote for content in the catalog.

5. Create a good team feeling, and prepare yourself to be a leader.

6. Be prepared to spend time helping other players.

7. Push members to do the daily challenges, in order to increase the gift level. Gift level helps you create loyalty.

8. Make at least 5 players Rank 4, and let them help you administer the alliance. You can not be online 24/7.

9. We all have lives to live, so if you know you will be busy, give the leadership to someone else for a period. Otherwise the alliance can die, while your away.

10. Encourage people to help out with rss and commander support. Stay tight together in a hive, in order for an effective rss help and  in order for reinforcing each other if attacked.

11. Create a strike team, and practice on doing combat together.

These points will help you get the Alliance started. Seasoned players know it’s a lot more to it, but without doing these few simple points you will not be successful.




Author: mobilestrike4u

Leader of the United Party of Cora

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