Rss tile farming

In order to build buildings, do research or train troops you need resources (rss). The most common rss are food, oil, stone and metal.

When your alliance choose a place to settle, it is important that the area it chooses has good access to the right level of rss for the majority of the hive.

Tile farming can be done with the shield active, and most players send their troops farming right before they log off.

In this article we will focus on what type of troops you should send in order to utilize the time and load for each of the different type of troops.

Food = All troop types
Oil = Infantry/ Tactical
Stone = Tactical/Armored
Iron = Infantry/Armored
Coin = Armored/ Artillery

For lower level players it is recommended to use T1 troops due to the best deployment speed.

You should also understand that there is an aspect called load, that we have not considered in this small table.


Author: mobilestrike4u

Leader of the United Party of Cora

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