Mobile strike Full Divine Warlord

This week MS launched the full Divine Warlord gear. The gear seems to be far better than the previous Juggernaut gear.

The gear uses both Juggernaut batteries as well as Warlord batteries for enhancements. Since MS still have not launched presets on Gear enhancement’s you will need to strip your old gear for batteries before starting to enhance this new one.

The best augments seems so far to still be Juggernaut augments or Divine Vanquish lvl6.

When it comes to the battle mods, it was not reacting to level 20 mods. With reacting it means that the green locking frame around the mods, showing a full and correct set did not show.

This is how it should look like when the mods are correct


MS have introduced level 22 mods this week as well, so it might be those that are ment to go into the Divine Warlord gear.



Author: mobilestrike4u

Leader of the United Party of Cora

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