Mobile strike – Introduction to research trees

There are many reseach trees and we will try to first give a quick overview of the trees. Then we will go through each tree to discuss interesting features, but that will be in separate articles.

The overview as of July 2017

  • Economics
  • Combat
  • Wall trap
  • Commander XP
  • Advanced combat
  • Advanced traps
  • Manufacturing
  • Battle tactics
  • Set Bonus
  • Mod set bonus
  • Building developments
  • Auguments
  • Mercenary combat
  • Mobile ops
  • Rebel targets
  • Mobile traps
  • Ultimate combat
  • Battle marks
  • Arsenal
  • Daily Milestone advice
  • Combat  Mastery

Some of these trees will not be seen by all from the start. These comes first after the player have finilized one or several other trees,


Author: mobilestrike4u

Leader of the United Party of Cora

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