Mobile strike game strategy from start – day 1

in the mobile strike game you have a few option in the start.

1. You can follow the little robot leader showing you around, and do what he is suggesting.

2. You follow him just to you have built a few buildings 3-5. Then my suggestion is to put up 4 of each or the different resources outside of the wall.

So 4 or these:

  • Stone quarry
  • Oil well
  • Iron mines
  • Farms

The rest of the open building spots you fill with farms

It will look something like this :


3. Inside your wall,  you fill all open spots with banks, fill all and afterwards when you need room for another building, you just demolish one bank at the time and put the other building up there.

Both banks and the resources can be upgraded to lvl 3 without waiting, but you will need to use all your inventory under “items – resources” in order to build all of them. Also stop when you are 3/4 done and collect resources from the missions you have done by the buildings you have raised.

The inside of the wall should now look like this:



Author: mobilestrike4u

Leader of the United Party of Cora

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